Mugabe’s ouster lesson to sit-tight leaders, say Nigerians


By Olu AJAYI (Abeokuta)

NIGERIA: A CROSS section of Nigerians has described the ouster of Zimbabwe ex-President, Robert Mugabe‎, as a lesson to other sit-tight leaders across the globe.

Participants on Penpushing, a social media platform, however, cautioned against military take over and declared that the military that ousted Mugabe should avoid the temptation of staying in office longer than necessary before returning power to civilian administration.

A participant,‎ Mr. Tayo Adelaja, expressed shock why Mugabe remained sit-tight in office at the age of 93 and having ruled the country  for 37 years.

*Robert Mugabe…Ousted Zimbabwean President.

“The forceful take-over of government in Zimbabwe is a lesson to the sit-tight African leaders,” Adelaja said, adding: “At 93 and 37 years of misrule, what else does President Mugabe want?”

“Recently he sent his Deputy packing to pave the way for his wife to succeed him as President of Zimbabwe.  No wonder the good people of Zimbabwe were jubilating and celebrating the end of tyranny in Zimbabwe,” he stressed.

A journalist, Mr. Sulaiman Fasasi, maintained that the military operations may have foreign involvement and active participation of some insiders in the country.

“Outsiders with support of insiders,” he said, adding: “Who says this situation in Zimbabwe doesn’t have external backing?‎”

Similarly, a cleric, Apostle Olusesi Obateye, said that ‎the embattled president had outstayed in power and was becoming unbearable for good purposes for the country.

Obateye said: “We just have to let it go this way or else we would be seen as speaking from both sides of our mouth.  Mugabe has overstayed, he is becoming unbearable for good purposes.”

The cleric and founder of Leadership Empowerment International Conference (LEIC) stressed that Mugabe wanted to turn Zimbabwe into his personal estate by trying to maneuver his way to handing over the government to his family.

“He wanted to make Zimbabwe his personal estate whereby his wife will hand over power to Mugabe’s children,” Obateye said.

“The Zimbabwean military has acted in the best interest of the country to prevent outbreak of civil war,” he said, adding: “The military should be applauded for stepping in this time.”

Mr. Kayode Ogunbunmi, however, said that the military intervention was timely, but advised that the military should hand over power to Mugabe’s Deputy to sort out things and thereafter return to barrack.

“They (military) would be heroes if they just hand over power to the VP to sort things out and they return to the barracks‎,”Ogunbunmi counselled.

Mr. Ola Animasaun said that the military should stay briefly to organise and pave way for free and fair election.

“A very brief, all inclusive (6 months) ‘DIARCHY’ government to organise a ‘free and fair’ election, bearing in mind the MORGAN TSANGARAI and other OPPOSITION FACTORS,” Animasun said.

Animasun further stated that it was not appropriate to reinstate Mugabe’s deputy to continue in office, because the situation in Zimbabwe goes beyond that.

“It is not just enough to reinstate Mugabe’s deputy to continue, they’ve (military) got to go the whole hog if truly the military is trying to return sanity to that country,” he said.

Similarly, Mr. Biodun Ndola said that the civil society wouldn’t have been able to challenge Mugabe under any guise.  “Let’s give it to the military and pray that they will do the needful,” Ndola said.

Mugabe had eventually resigned his Presidency after the Parliament threatened to impeach him following the military coup against his government.

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