Participants hail Penpushing over authentic global news dissemination


By Olu AJAYI (Abeokuta)

NIGERIA: PARTICIPANTS on a social media platform, Penpushing, have expressed optimism over developmental growth of the chat line in global collation and dissemination of authentic news.

*Dimeji Kayode-Adedeji…Founder of Penpushing.
*Dipo Kehinde.

GatewayMail gathered from feedback mechanism introduced by the administrators on the one year old platform, which comprises of 256 members across the world and from diverse professional backgrounds, that the members expressed satisfaction on the management team, with emphasis on ensuring that rules and regulations are strictly adhered to.

The members also offered suggestions to make the platform remain authentic news source.

A renowned member, Prof. Oye Ibidapo-Obe, stated that “for sure, Penpushing is an authentic source of information.”

“There is a large bias to local Abeokuta news though?  Perhaps you need to expand the network to more national‎,” Ibidapo-Obe, a former Vice Chancellor of the University of Lagos added.

Similarly, an advertisement guru, Mr. Sola Ibirinde, said that “the platform remains one of the best managed WhatsApp forum.”

He further said: “I am aware of authoritative news items and exclusive feedbacks from public figures, such as Alhaji Yusuf Olaniyonu, have been so useful on several occasions.”

“Please keep issuing sanctions to erring members and suspend anyone that violates the rules and let the sanction runs its full course,” Ibirinde said, adding: “I appreciate the good work by the team.”

*Sola Ibirinde.

Mr. Owolabi Oladejo said that the platform was surely doing well.  “We need to

*Alhaji Waheed Kadiri.

find a way to ensure fake news (with or without source/link) don’t find space on the platform,” Oladejo stated, adding “while looking forward to the upcoming website, I wish you a very successful outing.”

A former Rector of Moshood Abiola Polytechnic, Abeokuta, Alhaji Waheed Kadiri, said “we are not doing badly knowing the basis for the setup of the platform.”

“It may add value if more contributors identify themselves by their real names instead of aliases,” Kadiri, a renowned town planner, stressed.

A United Kingdom based participant, Mr. Sina Oduko said “well done on your efforts.  It really is a worthwhile effort,” just as a senior journalist, Mr. Wale Fatade, formerly of Next newspaper, said that “two issues for me, one is the disobedience by some of us to the rule of provide a link or signed press release.  I’m not happy about the usual forgive him to the admins; I think we need to make people learn that rules are rules.”

“‎Second, how can we regulate the links people provide?” Fatade queried, adding: “I’m talking about some nebulous one man sites that are not worth the data of us all.  I know this is tough or difficult, but what can we do about it?”

*Ayodele Sangofadeji.
*Ademolu Okuneye.

The former Commander of the Ogun State Traffic Enforcement and Enlightenment Agency (TRACE), Mr. Ayodele Sangofadeji, said: “Penpushing is not doing badly and policing has been very effective too to avoid derailing.  Let us keep going, the future is encouraging,” just as Apostle Olusesi Obateye submitted: “Penpushing is sincerely delivering since it started.  I only want to suggest that you allow topical issues to be debated or argued out to keep the platform busy and engage the people for brilliant and intelligent participation.”

A medical practitioner and Permanent Secretary in the Ogun State Ministry of Health, Dr. Nosiru Aigoro said: “I have not seen any lapses.  The platform is doing great!”

Mr. Segun Alabi, a broadcast journalist said that “the Penpushing platform, no doubt, has stood the test of time, waxing stronger by the day in information dissemination, and giving Penpushers themselves the voice to comment on policies and situations in the country through the harvest of our comments in making news stories.”

“The insistence on the authenticity of stories makes the platform a place to visit to confirm any news,” Alabi maintained, adding: “I will, however, like the administrators to look into how those of us into broadcast journalism can also be contributors.”

*Bolu Olu-Esho.
*Chief Niyi Osoba.

“I know what it means going against the set rules, but it will be nice if our colleagues in broadcast are given a kind consideration to leverage on sharing with others.  Thank you and well done,” the broadcast journalist said.

Mr. Ademolu Okuneye, a journalist with the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) submitted that “good job you are doing, insistence that cut and paste and some junks should not allowed has been very impressive.”

A hotelier, Mr. Lanre Dasaolu, said that Penpushing really has what it takes to be a leader, adding “one cannot wake up in a day and said he wanted to correct a corrupted society.”

Dasaolu further said that “it is not a day work, but a gradual process.  Penpushing has laid the foundation; let’s continue to build on it.”

Architect Biodun Ndola, submitted: “It’s been a wonderful experience on the Penpushing platform with breaking news, regular traffic reports, education/ enlightenment and general information.

*Gbenga Soloki.

“We sure need to improve on tackling occasional altercations; fake news, copy

*Mrs. Oluremi Okuwa-Dedeke.

and paste, revisiting discussed issues, double posting of items and unnecessary jokes.  I thumb up for Penpushing generally.”

Another senior journalist, Bolu-Olu Esho said: “I must first commend the team for being resolute in upholding the rules and regulations guiding the platform and this has tremendously kept the platform on the right footing.”

“However, the attitude of some members in terms of postings that run foul of the dictates of the platform still calls for concern,” he said, adding: “Reactions of some of us when sanctioned for their mistakes, whether inadvertently done or not, make us appear we’re unrepentant law breakers.”

“Nevertheless, we shouldn’t allow this to stampede our goals and visions about this noble initiative,” he further said, while also congratulating “you simply because this has revealed your potential in human management irrespective of their social strata.”

*Prof. Tope Popoola.
*Clement Oladele.

A politician, Chief Niyi Osoba declared: “Penpushing is novel and unique.  It is God’s project and it is going places beyond expectation.  The website stuff is marvelous and the greatest is yet to unravel.  Let the project continues and surely any obstacle shall be surmounted.”

A publisher and journalist, Mr. Dipo Kehinde, explained that “honestly, the administration has been superb.  Remains the best, so far, in terms of discipline.”

A social critic, Mr. Gbenga Soloki, said: “In all fairness, I have not observed any wrongdoing of management so far.  It’s on a solid footing and the matured mind issues that are discussed make the group unique.”

Tope Aileru submitted that “without unnecessarily flattering the admin, it’s not easy picking holes in how far Penpushing has fared so far.  It’s important to keep people active so the fire doesn’t go down.”

“Aside this, I think the discipline and level of maturity the admin(s) have employed in running Penpushing has been top notch,”Aileru emphasised.

*Prof. Oyewusi Ibidapo-Obe.
*Olarinde Famous-Cole.

The Ogun State Sector Commander of the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC), Mr. Clement Oladele said: “Great.  Wishing you more success. I observe the followers’ base is still low and mostly concentrated around this axis.”

“Except if it’s a grand strategy otherwise I would appreciate you embark on deliberate recruitment of like minds in other parts of the country especially far North East and South South to make your input of information more robust,” Oladele maintained.

“Well done.  I am very proud of what you are doing.  May God give you more wisdom, good health and prosperity,” he further said, just as a legal practitioner, Mr. Jaiye Alabi, stated that “so far so good, honesty, the regulatory efforts of admin has been wonderful.  Keep it up.”

A social crusader, Mr. Ola Animasaun, said that it’s “interesting and commendable. Quite a ‘POT-POURRI.’  But impressive administrative efforts.  It’s been worthwhile I think.”

The Lagos State Police Command Public Relations Officer, Mr. Olarinde Famous-Cole, declared that “since I joined the group it has been very informative.  News shared and individual wealth of experience being discussed by members in the group gives rise to other issues we can also add value to.”

*Femi Shodunke…Penpushing Administrator (Diaspora).
*Alhaji Shuaibu Leman.

The National Secretary of Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ), Mr. Leman Usman Shuaib, stressed that the platform has been doing well.

“Some few excesses noticed were quickly addressed and that’s good,” Shuaib said, adding: “Keep insisting on the right thing until you perfect it all.  Well done.”

Mrs. Oluremi Okuwa-Dedeke admitted that the journey had been impressive with the conviction that “Penpushing shall grow from glory to glory in Jesus name.”

Prof. Tope Popoola of the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, said: “Penpushing has stabilised at the right cruising altitude.  So far so good.”

“The control mechanisms put in place seems to be working well.  Even though you cannot close your two eyes now, but no damage done if you close one.  Kudos,” Popoola, a one-time Commissioner in Ogun State, stressed.

A secondary school principal, Mrs. Toyin Ogunbomehin, declared: “So far, discipline and decorum have been maintained.  However, constant pen attack is always on the rampage, may be, that’s why the platform is thick.”

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