Ladipo rules out faction within supporters club


By Sola AJIBIKE (Abeokuta)

NIGERIA: THERE is no faction in the leadership of the Nigeria Football Supporters Club, President-General of the club, Chief Rafiu Ladipo, has declared.

Ladipo made the clarification at the monthly forum of the Sports Writers Association of Nigeria (SWAN) Ogun State Chapter held at the association secretariat in Moshood Abiola International Stadium, Abeokuta.

He stated that some alleged 13 dissidents within the club were behind the failed project and they have since been dismissed by the Board of Trustees of the club.

*Rafiu Ladipo…Chairman, Supporters Club.

“I need to let you know today that football supporters club is one, we are united and we are one all over the world,” Ladipo said, adding: “We have chapters in almost every part of the world, that is why we are refer to as a worldwide known organisation.”

He stated that no fewer than 57,000 members of the club are across the globe, adding that with such large number there was no way dissidents and bad eggs would not be found in the club.

“Even Jesus Christ with 12 disciples still has a Judas among them,” he said, while pointing out that the dissidents within the club had been reported to the appropriate authorities not to parade themselves as officials of the association.

“We have written to the Senate, House of Representatives, Nigeria Football Federation, Police and other security agencies,” Ladipo said, adding: “The case of the dissidents is like dogs that would be killed, won’t listen to the whistle of a hunter. Their days are numbered.”

The supporters club boss queried the alleged dissidents where they were when he, for 13 years, had been carrying Nigeria flag in support of the nation’s soccer team.

“When I was carrying Nigeria flag for 13 years, I have a focus ‎and I knew where I was going,” he expressed, while adding: “I have been taken to British Broadcasting Corporation five times to educate how better how supporters are best run.”

Ladipo maintained that football has been building the world to speak with one voice, and that violence must be kept out from football and other sports to grow.

“The country cannot have parallel supporters club,” he said, adding: “The Board of Trustees is the ruling body and has given final ruling on the dissidents who have been dismissed.”

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